Use PowerPoint to Create Vector Graphics

11 Jan

How to PowerPoint - folder and graphics created in PowerPoint

In all of the moaning and groaning about PowerPoint, the critics often overlook that PowerPoint is a versatile and powerful application.  I regularly use it to build rapid elearning courses which you can learn about via the Rapid E-Learning Blog.

I also use it to build many of my graphics.  In fact, I build most of my graphics inside of PowerPoint because of it’s so easy to use.  It’s actually quite an effective tool for building graphics. 

A great way for me to learn and practice the PowerPoint features is by building my own illustrations and graphics.  As a routine, I like to review Adobe Illustrator tutorials and see what I can replicate using PowerPoint.

Here’s a tutorial on using PowerPoint to create an envelope icon.  I covered this in more detail in the blog post on building graphics in PowerPoint like a pro.

Click here to view the tutorial.

Here are a couple of more relevant tutorials:

As you can see, using PowerPoint to build vector graphics or other images can be quite effective.  And it doesn’t take that long to do it.  It’s just a matter of learning to use the tools that you have in PowerPoint.

In fact, I’d challenge you to learn more about PowerPoint’s powerful features by tackling a few of these vector graphic tutorials.  You might never need the envelope icon, but you’ll always have the new skills you learn in PowerPoint.

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  1. Eric 16. Feb, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

    Can you create a graph in powerpoint and export it as a vector?


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