Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Creating Picture Frames in PowerPoint

18 Mar


Here are a series of tutorials that offer some nice techniques on creating picture frames in PowerPoint.

Picture Frame Example

Bruno De Pace of Evolve Training  & Consulting has a couple of good examples of picture frames created in PowerPoint.  You can see it by itself or on a desk in a scene.

Picture Frame in Action

View the PowerPoint picture frame.

Part of the Scene

View the picture frame tutorial.

Picture Frame Tutorial 1

Stephanie Harnett of ICE offers two cool tutorials on how to create some funky picture frames.  Check out her two tutorials.

Funky Frame 1

Click here to view the tutorial.

Funky Frame 2

Click here to view the tutorial.

Picture Frame Tutorial 2

I was watching Tracy Hamilton’s tutorial on nudging objects and it made me think about a few ways to create the picture frame look she desired.  So here’s my simple picture frame tutorial.

Click here to view the tutorial.

So there you have.  A whole series of tutorials on creating picture frames in PowerPoint.

Here’s Why PowerPoint Rocks

16 Mar

How to PowerPoint - rapid elearning example

I build elearning courses with PowerPoint and publish with Articulate Presenter.  This is typically called rapid elearning.  I write about it on my work blog, The Rapid E-Learning Blog.

Traditionally, elearning courses are built in Flash or other applications.  Because of this, when people hear that courses are built in PowerPoint they’ll immediately think that it’s boring bullet point slides.  And I can understand why because there’s so much of it out there.

To show you that PowerPoint is an effective tool for building elearning courses, I recreated a course that was originally built in Flash.  For my demo, I built all of the graphics and assembled it in PowerPoint alone.  Then I published it with Articulate Presenter.

Articulate Presenter

Here’s a link to my version of the course, if you want to see how it works.

And here’s a tutorial that walks through the original and how the PowerPoint version works.

PowerPoint E-Learning Demonstration

Click here to view the demonstration.

Visual Design Tip: How to Create a Stack of Paper in PowerPoint

14 Mar

How to PowerPoint

I like to use PowerPoint for most of my basic graphic design work.  First, I don’t need to leave the application and open something else.  Second, PowerPoint’s a pretty decent program for some simple graphic design.

I needed to create a stack of papers for a project recently, so I built this quick tutorial to show you what I did.  As you can see, it’s pretty easy to do.

Once you have the graphics built, just right click and save them as image files.

PowerPoint Tutorial

Click here to view the PowerPoint tutorial.

So You Want to Be a PowerPoint Superstar?

11 Mar

The only way you’re going to improve your PowerPoint skills is through practice.  There’s really no substitute.  If you want to be a PowerPoint superstar, you’ve got to take it up a notch and create something that makes people go, “Wow!”

The only way you’ll become a superstar is by learning to really use PowerPoint.  Here are some tutorials featured on the Rapid E-Learning Blog recently that help you learn more about PowerPoint.

PowerPoint for Rapid E-Learning

PowerPoint Tips for Graphic Design

Create Illustrations & Objects in PowerPoint

Animation Tips & Tricks in PowerPoint

How to Use PowerPoint Tutorials

3 Great Ways to Get Rid of Your Bullet Points

9 Mar

David Anderson offers some really good tips on how to get rid of your bullet points.  First he offers a two part series on get ridding of text and replacing it with the right visual elements.

Reduce Screen Clutter

Part 1: How to reduce text on my slide?

Click here to view the first tutorial.

Part 2: Replace text with graphics

Click here to view the second tutorial.

Use Progressive Reveals

By progressively revealing information you can sync your graphics and text with your narration.  Using timed animations also means you can get rid of that standard PowerPoint bullet point look.

Click here to view tutorial.

By following David’s ideas you can make your slides less text-heavy and more visually interesting.  You also dump that typical bullet point look that so many complain about.

Here’s a Free & Easy Way to Create a Storyboard

3 Feb

Learning PowerPoint: free storyboard generator

People are always asking for storyboard templates.  Personally, I just use PowerPoint.  I can put anything on the slide and if I want comments I can add those to the notes section or drop in a simple comment box.  Plus I can edit and preview on the fly. I prefer this more than I do drawing everything out on paper.

In addition, PowerPoint 2010 has some better commenting features and can link to OneNote (which I’ll cover in an upcoming tutorial).  So, I recommend starting with PowerPoint. 

But if you want to create a storyboard and you don’t want to use PowerPoint, here’s a free tool that let’s you do so.

Check the quick storyboard tutorial below.

Click here to view the tutorial.

Here’s a link to the web site that will generate the free storyboard PDF.

Tips on Creating Interactive Branching in PowerPoint E-Learning

31 Jan

Adding some interactive decision-making to your rapid elearning course is a good idea.  Leslie from Education Breakthrough has a great screencast on how he created a branched interaction in PowerPoint.  This can be applied for rapid elearning courses if you’re using a tool like Articulate Presenter as well as something you can do in PowerPoint and present as a .pps file.

Learning PowerPoint: interactive branches and scenarios

Some key points from the tutorial:

  • He sets up the scenario.  You have a set of criteria with which to evaluate some people.
  • You evaluate the people.  As you return to the original slide, you notice the person visited has been marked off.
  • He provides a tour of the interaction and a flow chart to show how it works.
  • Here’s a link to the PDF that explains how he built the branched interaction in PowerPoint.

Check out the tutorial.

Click here to view the tutorial.

Quick Tour of PowerPoint 2010

29 Jan

Learning PowerPoint: PowerPoint 2010 Rocks!

I get a lot of questions about PowerPoint 2010.  Personally, I think it’s pretty slick.  There are a lot of new features.  In fact, I’m starting to put together some simple tutorials on PowerPoint 2010.  I’ll have them listed soon.

You can always check out this blog post where I discuss a recent free PowerPoint 2010 webinar: Become a PowerPoint 2010 Rock Star!

Some of the things I cover in the screencast tour below:

  • sleeker interface
  • access recent files quickly
  • customize the PowerPoint ribbon
  • insert slide sections
  • paste as image option
  • capture and insert screenshots
  • insert math equations
  • sophisticated audio and video features
  • new design themes
  • improved slide transitions
  • smoother animations
  • animation painter
  • animation interface has changed
  • share a link and broadcast your PowerPoint slide shows
  • translation feature
  • links to OneNote pages
  • reading view for quick preview
  • able to open multiple PowerPoint files
  • alignment guides for objects on the slide

Watch tour of PowerPoint 2010’s new features:

Click here to view the PowerPoint 2010 tour.

I’ll be adding some free tutorials soon.  If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. 

Become a PowerPoint 2010 Rock Star!

19 Jan


Doing a presentation tomorrow on some PowerPoint 2010 features.  You can access the webinar via the Training Magazine network.  They’ll have an archive of the presentation.  You can also see the previous presentation on PowerPoint.

Here’s a link to the free PowerPoint 2010 resources I share with a bunch of tutorials and helpful links.

Free PowerPoint Template & 100 Tutorials

30 Dec

In case you missed it on the Rapid E-Learning Blog, there’s a good post that collects some of Screenr’s best PowerPoint tutorials.  All of them are under 5 minutes, with most being 2-4 minutes long.

Here’s the post, More Than 100 PowerPoint Tutorials & a Free Template.  Check out the tutorials and be sure to grab the free PowerPoint template.

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